By Jacob Harden ‘24

Donations are a great way to give money to the poor and needy, yet not everyone has an incentive to do so. Thankfully, theology teacher Mr. Deegan has found a solution.

Mission money is collected for multiple children that are sponsored by the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, and the students are a great help with that.

However, some children need a little more encouragement, for which Mr. Deegan has found the perfect solution.

Every time the goal in Mr. Deegan’s class is reached, the entire class gets rewarded with Mrs. D’s cookies, which are more than enough to get the students to donate.

Mr. Deegan said, “The missions are always conducted through the theology class, and supervised through Mr. Dolan. That way you get every student because every student takes theology. Theology has a theme of giving to others. It’s a central theme in theology.”

Mr. Deegan actually said that the cookies weren’t his idea. He said, “It was actually Mrs. D’s idea. She said that ‘it might help you get more people involved.’ I knew the cookies were good, and you can’t go wrong with cookies.”

Students also love the idea of cookies.

Senior Joe Glennon said, “I feel that it motivates the students to help give to charity.”

Senor Bobby Gilligan said, “It motivates me to be better.”

The cookies are an amazing reward for doing something that benefits others, and it’s just another way Crusaders follow in the footsteps of Edmund Rice.