By Martin Loughney ‘20

I find it crazy how someone started a worldwide pandemic from eating a bat. It’s crazy how fast the virus spreads. In just a few months, coronavirus spread all across the globe.

The virus has completely shut down countries like China and Italy and has shut down much of America. The NFL, NBA, and NCAA have all canceled their seasons due to the virus. High schools have stopped and restaurants have closed.

Just last week, I thought that the coronavirus wasn’t close and didn’t affect me, that it was in Italy and China. However, now my daily schedule has been completely flipped upside down. School is canceled, which I do not mind, however, we have to do all our work online.

I also work at a retirement home, so I have to be screened for the virus every time I come into work.

Many people think that the media and the entire world are overreacting to the coronavirus, stating that it is only a flu. However, I think that all of the steps that are being taken to control the disease are completely necessary.

The disease spreads so fast, and is very deadly to people with bad immune systems and to the elderly. We must look out for those who are vulnerable. COVID-19 spreads so rapidly that if we do not distance ourselves from it, the virus will spread to people with weaker immune systems, and it could kill them. We must remember that we are not immortal, and we need to continue to respond to the virus as we have been, by practicing social isolation and canceling large groups of people from getting together.