By Phill Cipriani “24

The Crusaders have had a tough start to the season by winning 10 games, but also losing 10 games. This is not up to the team’s standards after making it to the state championship last year.

It is still very early in the season, and there is still plenty of time for the boys to get back on track and win again.

Most recently, the Crusaders lost to St. Rita in a very close game of 6-5. This handed them their first loss in Catholic League play this year, pushing their Catholic League record to 4-1.

Senior Chris Daugherty said, “Not a great start to the season, this year but we will be ready come playoff time.”

The team looks to avenge their loss to St. Rita in this upcoming week and improve their chances for the Catholic League Championship. The boys are currently third in the Catholic League and a win against St. Rita will move them up into second place.

Senior Jayson Polickey said, “We are improving and are getting better each game. I like our chances come playoff time.”

This season has started very much like their last season. The team has gotten off to a slow start again, but they are showing some very promising signs of returning to the level of play they displayed at the end of last season.

Senior Jimmy Vogwill said, “We lost a couple of games that we should have won earlier in the season. We have learned from our mistakes and are playing much better now.”

Look for the Crusaders to make another historic playoff run this summer. The team is very hopeful that they will get the job done this time during the playoffs.