By Declan McGuire ‘20

The 2019 Brother Rice basketball has been off to a solid start this season with a winning record of 4-2. On Friday, they pulled off a huge conference win against rival St. Rita. Senior Deandre Hagan was a key factor offensively for the Crusaders by adding 20 points in the victory.

Without Marquise Kennedy, many expected this year’s team to take a hit. But with big-time players like Colin Campbell, Luke Moustakas, and a deep bench, the team is looking just fine.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the varsity team will travel to Providence-St. Mel to take on the Knights at 7 p.m.

The image I drew this week shows the crusader as a player on the Brother Rice basketball team. I initially drew the picture in pencil, and then traced over it with black marker. From there, I colored everything in with colored pencils. I based my background off the gym and made sure to use as much maroon and orange as I could.