By Phill Cipriani ‘24

After a great and exciting season, the Crusaders run has come to an end.

The Crusader golf team shocked everyone this season in a great way. The team brought home a regional championship for the first time since 2019. The Crusaders did this in stunning fashion by winning in a tiebreaker.

Junior Patrick Hermanson said, “It’s great to finally win one, after not winning for the entire season.”

They won the tiebreaker by taking sophomore Matt Hynes’ score. His score was the fifth best on the team.

Coach Don Paton said, “This just goes to show that every shot counts, and we keep fighting no matter what.”

After this great win, the Crusaders were confident going into the sectional. They were looking to win another championship.

Junior Thor Hock said, “The competition is going to be a lot tougher but I think we have a good chance to advance.”

Unfortunately, the Crusaders did not have their best day and fell short by getting ninth place. This put the Crusaders season to an end, but the future is bright for the swinging Crusaders.