By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Friday was an eventful day for the Crusaders. They hosted over 175 shadows.

Shadow Matt Phelan said, “This is one of the best shadow days I ever had. I’ve been here before, and it hasn’t been like this. They didn’t have the same thing as they did in the past.”

The pep rally was also a fun part of the day. The pep rally started off with an inspirational speech by former NFL player Tim Terell. He was able to get the shadows and students hyped for the Marist-Rice game later that night.

The four houses also faced off in competition with points going to the winning team. Dublin beat Cork in dodgeball following Waterford beating Limerick. The winner of those went into a finale competition with Dublin winning it all in tug of war.

The main event of the pep rally was the football team. Led by Coach Brian Badke, the Brother Rice Crusaders led with a chant to get the crowd going.

The day was an exciting and fun experience for potential future Crusaders.