By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

For the past three and helping for his fourth and final year, senior James Bowes has volunteered as a helper at St. Germaine for the Passion Play. This year is special because it is the 30th anniversary of the play and it tells the story of Jesus and what He went through during His life.

Senior James Bowes said, “I really enjoy helping out. It is a good experience for the kids and they’ll have a fun time performing.”

The play is directed by Angie Pacetti and she has been directing it for eight years now. She is the heart and soul of the play, and she enjoys how much it brings the students together. With it being the 30th anniversary, they will be performing “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Director Angie Pacetti said, “I chose to come back and help direct the Passion Play because when I think of my time at St. Germaine, some of my greatest memories were during Passion Play. The play brings the students together, and they leave Germaine feeling less like classmates and more like family.”

With the play coming up in just over a month, the St. Germaine parish and community will come together to watch something more than just a play, but a tradition that will leave memories that last a lifetime.

St. Germaine alumni, Bill Wojcik said, “The Passion Play is a great thing. It has been a tradition for decades and the kids make memories that last a lifetime.”

As I finish talking about my cousin James Bowes helping at the St. Germaine Passion Play, I wonder: will he ever write about us volunteering together? I can’t wait to see if I get a mention!