By Jackson Mendoza ‘23

Super Bowl LVII was the largely anticipated matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The two teams were both the number one seed in their conference, and the game lived up to the expectations.

The game started off with the Eagles marching down the field and scoring on their first drive.

“The Eagles sent a strong message to start the game and got me excited to watch all four quarters,” said senior Adrian Peñuelas.

The Chiefs answered right back by also scoring on their first drive. Tight end Travis Kelce had a big catch to set up the score and also caught the touchdown.

“I knew that Travis Kelce was going to score; it was only a matter of time,” said senior Julian Cervantes.

Wide receiver A.J. Brown caught a forty-five-yard touchdown from Jalen Hurts at the start of the second quarter to make the score 14-7.

“I could not believe he caught that pass; I was in shock when he came down with it for the touchdown,” said senior Roman Harris.

The Chiefs defense made a ginormous play late in the second quarter by forcing a fumble. Nick Bolton picked up the lost ball and ran into the endzone for a touchdown.

“I was not expecting Jalen Hurts to fumble, and I was definitely not expecting Nick Bolton to score off of it,” said senior Nicholas Topor.

At halftime, the score was 24-14 in favor of the Eagles, but everyone was focused on the show. Rihanna put on an incredible set filled with dancing, singing, and other theatrics.

“The best part of the game was not the game; it was Rihanna,” said senior Mateo Perez.

The end of this game finished with a controversial penalty call that had fans on both sides arguing. The referees called holding on an Eagles defender that ultimately lost the game for Philadelphia. This penalty set up the game winning field goal for the Chiefs to win the game 38-35.

“It was an incredible game filled with lots of big plays and exciting passes. It is a shame that it ended with the penalty, but that is how football is now,” said senior Nathan Dueñas.

Super Bowl LVII brought in record viewing numbers and was an entertaining game for all 113 million who watched it. Crusaders and Americans all around the country begin their anticipation for the next NFL season.