By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s hard to meet a Midwesterner that hasn’t heard of Culver’s. The restaurant chain has spread throughout the Midwest region. One of these restaurants, located around 108th and Cicero, is among the area’s best fast-food establishments.

The restaurant has a homey feel to it. There are many booths and tables inside, each a reasonable distance from each other, encouraging customers to enjoy their meal and feel relaxed.

Culver’s famous slogan is ” Welcome to Delicious.” From fresh fish to creamy custard, a trip to Culver’s never disappoints.

Senior Nate Cook said, “I like Culver’s because it distinguishes itself from other fast food restaurants. The food is better quality and the service is exemplary. Also, the food is always fresh and delicious. It easily takes the spot as my favorite fast food restaurant.”

Culver’s is a big believer in making meals made-to-order, so sometimes there is wait for food. However, what is lost in time is quickly made up for in quality of taste. Culver’s always has solid burgers, scrumptious chicken, and tasty sides. Some sides include crinkle cut fries, onion rings, and Culver’s famous Wisconsin cheese curds.

An important part of Culver’s mission is to give customers the best service possible as their food is prepared. Any Culver’s commercial or video states how Culver’s is focused on providing excellent service that keeps customers satisfied and makes them comfortable. Culver’s employees always show customers the utmost respect and always wear a smile while sporting the famous Culver’s blue apron and hat.

Due to COVID-19, my last trip to Culver’s was through the drive-thru. I ordered the original chicken tenders basket with onion rings as my side. I also got some BBQ sauce to douse my tenders in, and I couldn’t fight the urge to purchase a Concrete Mixer to finish things up.

The meal was excellent. The tenders were crispy and cooked to perfection. The onion rings crunched as I sunk my teeth into them. My Concrete Mixer, which included a vanilla base, M&M’s, and chocolate syrup, melted in my mouth, leaving behind a blend of flavors that made me only want more.

I’d highly recommend Culver’s to anyone. Between the food, service, and friendly atmosphere, Culver’s is not only one of the best fast food restaurants in the region.

Culver’s is still open for takeout during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ll be making a trip back in the very near future, this time probably for a burger… and maybe a Concrete Mixer.