By Ronan Dolan ‘20

If you have been feeling down during this season of quarantine, I know a surefire way to turn your frown upside down, and it is with Larry David and his show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David is best known for making the legendary and hilarious show, “Seinfeld.” Since 2000, he has been working on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The show takes place during the modern day and follows the fictionalized life of Larry David. His life is shown as full of minor annoyance and inconveniences that produce hilarious situations for Larry.

The part of the show that really takes the cake is Larry’s capacity for sarcasm and overall lack of care for anyone but himself. Throughout the show, you witness a minor inconvenience that in real life would not be such a big deal. However, since Larry is the kind of person who is not afraid to say how he feels, these inconveniences turn into full-blown issues for Larry.

Each season follows Larry as he decides to take on different adventures. Whether it is Larry helping funding and building a restaurant or Larry being the star actor in a Broadway play, the story is filled with mishaps that make it seem like Larry’s goal may never be achieved. But the best part is that Larry always comes out on top.

The show has as star-studded a cast as you can get. Cheryl Hines plays Larry’s wife, Cheryl, and Jeff Garlin plays Larry’s manager and best friend, Jeff. The show also has regular appearances from Susie Essman, Ted Danson, Richard Lewis and J.B. Smoove.

However, the stars don’t stop there. Everyone wants to be on this hilarious show so you never know who you might see. From Ben Stiller to Mel Brooks and Jimmy Kimmel to Dustin Hoffman, you will never run out of recognizable faces to see.

The show was on a long hiatus in between season 8 and season 9 but with the premiere of season 9, the show made its way back into modern media with fresh and original comedy that I think the world was becoming desperate for.

At the moment, I have just started season five of the show, but I can definitely say that it is slowly becoming one of my favorite shows to watch.

I watch the show on Amazon Prime but since it is an HBO original, it can also be viewed on HBO Go if you have an account. I highly recommend that you take some time out of your “extremely busy quarantine” to give this show a chance and laugh at Larry David.