By Luke Onoroto ‘20

In the midst of this quarantine, there is nothing better than finding a great new show to nonstop binge. For me that great new show is “Dave.”

For the uninformed, “Dave” is a show created by David Burd, a rapper who goes by the unflattering but comedic rap name “Lil Dicky.” Despite his funny rap name, Burd’s rap career is no joke.  He has produced many hit songs including “Molly,” Professional Rapper,” and “$ave Dat Money,” all of which feature renowned artists like Snoop Dogg or Brendan Urie.

Being a fan of Burd’s music, I certainly had high expectations before the show even came out, and after watching it. I was not in the least bit disappointed. “Dave” includes a similar sense of humor as most of his songs, making it a must-watch for fans.

As its title suggests, the show is about the life of its creator, David Burd. The show specifically covers Dave’s struggles on his path to stardom as a Caucasian Jewish rapper raised in an upper-class family.

The episodes are absolutely hysterical; from having to rap at a kid’s funeral to being in the studio with gangsters, the show never ceases to surprise with absurd humor.

This show is definitely not for the faint of heart, though, as most of the comedy is very far from PG-13.

But for those that live for shocking and raunchy humor, “Dave” is an amazing choice, especially for something produced by a rapper with no film experience at all. There’s nothing better to brighten up this quarantine than some nice comedy.