By TJ Murphy ‘20

When students are given a Friday off school, you’d think that they would be rejoicing in the halls, but some students are saying they’d rather have school than another e-Learning day.

E-Learning days are a new concept at Brother Rice where students get a work-at-home day with online work rather than having to write notes or take tests.

Working at home sounds like a nice vacation, but many students believe that they get more work on their “days-off” than they would coming to school.

“I think that they are unnecessary,” Jack Dejarld said. “I would prefer going to school to having an e-Learning day.”

On e-Learning days, every teacher is required to give an assignment. This creates a huge workload that students would spend hours and hours on, and they do nonstop work rather than learning anything.

Mr. Peters, a beloved accounting and entrepreneurship teacher, loves e-Learning days: “It takes work preparing for it, but it’s much better to only have to answer student questions through emails and have a day off.”

Junior Brendan Ryan said, “Although I don’t like it, I love the idea of getting a shorter week of school. Sure, it may be a lot of work, but if you work really hard, you can get it done quicker than you’d be out of school.”

There are many mixed opinions on e-Learning days, and the only way we can make improvements is to keep having them. It looks like students might have to suffer a little more before things start to get better.