By James Bowes ‘24

According to recent polls, more citizens in the battleground states trust former President Trump instead of current President Biden.

Senior Julian Gamboa said, “It is not very surprising, as the country seems as divided as ever.”

The results of the poll show Donald Trump leading the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. However, President Biden still leads in Wisconsin by two percentage points.

Senior Christian Potoczny said, “It’s pretty surprising to see Trump ahead in so many swing states. It just goes to show how unpredictable politics can be. I guess this upcoming election is going to be even more competitive than we thought.”

Biden won all six of these battleground states in 2020, which is why he won the election. However, these polls show that voters are not liking President Biden’s policies and are looking to change back to what we used to have in 2016.

Senior Marc Perez said, “I haven’t been following the election news closely, but this situation is making me more interested in politics. It’s a real wake-up call for our generation to get involved, and make sure our voices are heard in the future.”

These polls can be exciting news to Republicans or upsetting news to Democrats, but no one can deny that this upcoming presidential election became that much more interesting.