By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Edmund Rice Camp is a great camp for students to participate in. Students are able to help kids participate in activities that they usually are not able to do regularly. The students are the leaders of the camp and they are counselors.

Mr. Augustyn said, “Edmund Rice Camp gives you a great opportunity to receive all your service hours, free food, and a chance to work with some great people.”

This allows the students to take on responsibility. The counselors are in charge of taking care of a camper. The campers follow the counselors and the counselor makes sure that the kid is following the rules and being safe.

Billy Marszewski said, “I really enjoyed the Edmund Rice Camp. I enjoyed hanging out with the campers and helping them through the day.”

The leaders are responsible for the campers during their activity. Leaders are in charge of a specific activity, and they run their game or activity. They have to make sure that kids are playing fair and being safe.

The counselors grow a bond with the kids. They are in charge of the camper for a week. They have to care for their kid, and make sure he is having fun and being careful.

Matt Vucko said, “I felt a connection with my camper and I thought we were friends. I enjoyed the camp so much and I strongly suggest other students to work in this camp.”

The campers partake in several activities. These activities include sports and religious events. The religious events are making crosses and coloring pictures of Jesus and other holy figures.

The camp occurs over the summer in a week of June. It is 5 days, Monday through Friday. The camp starts at 8 A.M. for the counselors and the campers arrive around 9 A.M.

Everyone who has participated in this camp strongly recommends other students to support this camp and to involve themselves with it.