By Grant Gierhahn ‘20

Stranded at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a plethora of students have turned to streaming services to fill the void left by mandated social distancing measures. The problem is: How can students ensure that the movie they selected to watch is worthwhile?

There are so many to choose from!

While Netflix offers plenty of solid movie options, “El Camino,” released exclusively on the platform in October of 2019, certainly merits two hours of one’s time.

“El Camino,” a sequel film based on the hit series “Breaking Bad” (which is also available on Netflix), follows the life of main character Jesse Pinkman, who actor Aaron Paul portrays phenomenally.

Without giving too much away on “Breaking Bad’s” conclusion, Pinkman is left in a very precarious situation at the series’ end, seemingly void of any life direction. “El Camino” compellingly answers any questions “Breaking Bad” fans may have about Pinkman’s future, thoroughly chronicling his journey post-”Breaking Bad” and presenting his narrative in a way that leaves no doubt in viewers’ minds.

“El Camino” effectively encapsulates the struggles Pinkman encounters as a result of his partnership with the renowned “Heisenberg” and his integral role in Albuquerque’s elaborate meth enterprise. Through the film’s vibrant graphics and impressive regard for detail, viewers gain vivid, firsthand insight into Pinkman’s earnest battle for a normal life, which some contend he unequivocally deserves.

The most commendable aspect of “El Camino,” however, is arguably Director Vince Gilligan’s ability to incorporate nearly every actor from across the entire “Breaking Bad” series into the film. For “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts, it was genuinely awe-inspiring to see the whole gang back together for one last time.

In sum, as one could expect from any Vince Gilligan production, “El Camino” provides the “Breaking Bad” faithful with not only a much-needed sense of closure, but also a final sentiment of admiration for such a groundbreaking and masterful series.

Without reservation, “El Camino’s” critical praise is warranted, establishing the film as a must-watch over this indefinite hiatus from traditional life.

A link to “El Camino’s” trailer is listed below: