By Seamus Hanley ‘24

This past week, Brother Rice and the Advocacy Club kicked off Fear the Beard for the 2023 school year. The main idea of Fear the Beard is to raise money and awareness for families struggling with cancer.

A large population of the students look forward to the month of November, because if they pay the $50 fee to participate in Fear the Beard, they don’t have to shave.

Senior Brian Tuidor said, “Not only is it a reason not to shave, but it also helps a good cause.”

`Ultimately, it is the goal of the Advocacy Club to raise awareness for marginalized groups and give as much support as we can.

Fear The Beard has been a long-time tradition at Brother Rice. This program started with the idea of Andrew Weishar and his foundation. Many students and staff members have been affected by cancer in our community. A few alumni students have been afflicted with cancer, and it is important that we continue to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Another student involved in the Advocacy Club, senior Alex LaMantia said, “Advocacy club really allows students to become a larger part of their community. Different projects, events, and organizations help each student grow as an individual and a leader.”

A lot of people have personal reasons for participating in Fear The Beard.

Senior Jacob Harden, who has done Fear the Beard twice now, said, “I do it because it makes me happy to be able to directly help people suffering from cancer by raising donations.”

As men of Edmund, we work to support people without a voice. We must continue to support those who need our help.