By Griffin Conners ‘22

This year is the Fifth Annual Fear the Beard Fundraiser at Brother Rice. Fear the Beard is a fundraiser for the Andrew Weishar Foundation, fighting against pediatric cancer.

Students and faculty who participate will not have to shave their beards from November 8th to December 3. In order to participate students and faculty must donate $50 beforehand. The goal this year is to have at least 100 people participate, which would raise $5,000. Rolando Sepulveda, who is participating in this year’s Fear the Beard said, “I believe we will be able to reach the $5000 goal.”

Jack Byrne said, “I am participating in Fear the Beard because I know someone who has suffered from pediatric cancer and I want to help in any way I can. I’m doing this for Cameron Fahey.” Many people who participate in Fear the Beard are doing it in honor of someone they know.

Every November, Brother Rice will be remembering Andrew Weishar `09, Cameron Fahey `15, Jacob Schmitz `17, and Patrick Ferguson `19, who are all a part of the Brother Rice family.

Once the fundraiser ends, there will be awards given for the worst and best beards. Danny Foley thinks he is going to win the best beard award: “Yeah, I think I have a good shot because I have grown it out before and it gets really long.”

In all, I think Fear the beard is a great way to bring people together for a good cause.