By Alex Roche ‘20

Another semester of high school is coming to an end and you know what that means…

The dreaded finals week is upon us. A week where students are asked to remember everything they have learned since the beginning of the school year.

I already have the typical comments from my parents this weekend telling me I cannot go hang out and that: “You have to focus on your finals.”

I will tell them I will be going to the “library” when I will really be out taking my mind off the stressful week that is in pursuit.

My finals studying routine is set in stone – easy A plus. I turn the TV off and get my snacks of corn dogs and some Mountain Dew to keep my energy going and I get to business.

Seems unorthodox but my brother Kevin said his routine was “having 4 to 5 cups of coffee and staying up all night forcing knowledge back into my head.”

While I’m studying for my dreaded calculus and anatomy tests, I will be thinking about Christmas break, my very last semester as a student at Brother Rice,  and how I will make it last.

Finals week, bring it on!