By Nicholas Currier ‘20

Your college roommate could be anybody. You could be standing next to him as his best man at his wedding, going on vacation with him to exotic places, or maybe never speaking to him again.

Finding a roommate is one of the most important tasks after picking a college. You could be picking your best friend for life or your mortal enemy. A lot rides on your decision.

Some things to keep in mind when looking for a roommate are your habits. Do you stay up late? Do you stay active, fitness-wise? Do you party a lot? Not only should you ask yourself these questions, but also your roommate.

The ideal roommate is someone who matches some of the same habits you have. Opposites attract, yes, however, not when it is 3 a.m., and you are trying to sleep while your roommate is up with all the lights on studying for the test he forgot about because he was playing video games.

Compatibility is key.

Every freshman is in the same boat. Everyone is unaware of the locations of classes, no one knows anyone, and they are all hungry.

Your roommate could help create your friend group. Some helpful tips for meeting new people include leaving your dorm room door open as much as possible, going to a bunch of the freshman activities, and trying something new!

College is a brand new experience and can be fun or scary at times. Better to go through everything with a friend or roommate than go at it alone. Are you lost on your way to your first class? Walk in with your roommate and you will now be less scared or embarrassed and can laugh about it for the next four years.


You are bound to end up at a college party. Never go alone. Go with your roommate and watch each other’s back. No one knows who you are, so no one knows you are allergic to water or whatever case you have. No one knows you carry your epi-pen in your favorite pair of pants. The same goes for your roommate.

This could be the difference in having a fun time meeting new people or leaving with the wrong group of people and ruining your college experience.