By Mike Kinnerk ‘20

Two months ago, I asked one of my best friends, Mary Eileen, to go to prom with me. Ever since, she has been planning out every detail of her outfit.

On a Sunday afternoon, Mary Eileen and I brought our moms to the prom dress shop. We were utterly stunned upon walking in. Gorgeous dresses and luxurious fabrics covered every inch of the store. The employees greeted us with smiles and whisked us away onto our prom dress shopping extravaganza.

Being the prepared person she is, Mary Eileen already knew exactly what she wanted before even walking into the store. That made things a lot easier and a little less tedious in the store. We browsed around the store and she picked out a few dresses that met her criteria. Now it was time to try them on.

The first dress she tried on was definitely a contender. It was a very regal-looking red dress. It complimented her skin tone well and was an all-around beautiful dress. The next dress wasn’t as much of a hit. It was a bedazzled emerald dress. This one was nowhere near as stunning as the last, so we immediately chopped it. When she walked out in the third dress, we all knew this was the one. It was a stunning sparkly black dress that plunged in the back. It was gorgeous.

Without any hesitation, we bought the dress!

Our friend Nick Currier said, “The dress is perfect for Mary Eileen. It looks just like something Meghan Markle or Taylor Swift would wear!”

Mary Eileen is ecstatic not only about prom, but also about the dress. She said, “I am very excited for my pre-birthday ball (her birthday is the day after prom), especially because I get to wear my dream dress.”

Both of our moms were very satisfied with the dress, especially Mary Eileen’s mom. Sue, her mom, said, “I am very excited for Mike and Mary Eileen to go to prom together. It is going to be a blast and they’re going to look amazing.”

After a fun day of shopping for Mary Eileen’s dress, now it is time to find my perfect prom outfit.