By Ethan Williams ‘20

The Project Lead the Way engineering students had a treat on March 10 when NASA engineering employee, Dr. Scott Berg, came into the engineering class and talked to the students. He cannot comment on many projects, but he could say he is leading projects at NASA about fuel efficiency.

He talked about orbital rotation and rocket flight procedure. He also commented about planet movements and how his job was to create the algorithms to make space flight efficient and possible. He made sure the space shuttles are fuel efficient, unlike some of our cars.

He dove deep into the orbital mechanics a lot and how spaceships do flybys of different planets. He talked about different spacecraft and how they soar in the sky!

T.J. Murphy said, “It was so nice to get a break from the rigorous curriculum of the engineering class and learn about these fun topics; this opened my eyes to new career paths that I want to explore.”