By Kevin Worthy ‘24

Recently the game Fortnite has made a comeback and is blowing back up throughout the world. After Fortnite released their OG season, all of their players have decided to make a comeback.

Fortnite was a very popular video game back in 2017 where kids ranging from 10-years-old to men in their 40’s played the game. Any free time in a boy’s life they would be spent playing Fortnite.

Senior Richard Willis said, “I loved Fortnite a couple years ago. To have all of our favorite items that we all missed is very nostalgic.”

Everyone who has played Fortnite is coming back because of the weapons, maps, and items that Epic Games took out of their game.

Senior Tommy Sloyan said, “It is really fun playing with my friends again on a game that we used to play all the time. All the memories are coming back.”

On Dec. 2, 2023, Fortnite OG will be leaving the game, and who knows what is to come. Fortnite is going to have to have a miracle if they want their players to stay.

Senior Sean Curran said, “We need to have as much fun with the time we have left. This will be the last time with our childhood games and memories.”