By Carter McAlilly ‘22

These four years at Brother Rice have been the best time of my life. I have met so many new people and made so many friends.

Freshman year, I learned what it means to be a Crusader. Being a Crusader meant being my best self and helping others along the long road ahead. Little did I know how many memories and new friends I would make in my next four years at Brother Rice.

My life as a Crusader really took a turning point sophomore year. When I was moved up to play football on the varsity team, I was overjoyed. Sophomore year was one of my favorite years. I met a lot of new people, and a lot of the varsity football players helped me fit in. One of my favorite people and leaders that I met at Brother Rice was Luke Murphy ‘21. Luke included me in everything and I am very thankful to him for that.

Junior year was my third favorite year. Junior year, we did not really have a football season because of the coronavirus. Our season was played in the spring and was cut to only six games. Even though we had a short season, we ended the season with a win over Mount Carmel. That was absolutely one of my best memories as a Crusader.

Lastly, my senior year. This has been my absolute favorite year of them all. We had an amazing football season. Even though we came up short with a loss in the semi-finals, it was still the most fun I have ever had at Brother Rice. All of the people I have met at this school have helped shape me into the man I am today.

My last favorite memory here was my Kairos trip. I embarked on Kairos 158 with not a very high expectation. I really did not think that I was going to enjoy Kairos. But it soon became one of the turning points in my life. Kairos was one of the best times I have ever had, and I cannot thank my leaders and teachers enough for making that happen.

Being a Crusader has truly been an honor and a privilege. I will never forget all of the memories I have made here. With that said, thank you to all of my teachers and fellow students. It has been a great time.