By Conor Glennon ‘20

I think we can all agree, food is just about the most exciting thing going on right now. Whether I am cooking or tasting, I am loving it.

Every day, I have been cooking up at least one meal a day. I have made just about every formation of eggs you could ever imagine. Next, I may even gulp down a couple of raw egg yolks like Rocky Balboa used to do. You will just have to stay tuned.

Another thing I have enjoyed is getting carry-out. Right now is a vulnerable time for some of our favorite businesses. Franklin’s Public House is home to some of the premier grub in Palos Heights. I decided to give them my business and, boy, was it worth it.

They have made a special quarantine meal deal that feeds the entire family. They have adjusted to the times with an incredible business move. They are serving their meals to feed a whole family. My family and I got some chicken along with some mashed potatoes.

They were fantastic. It was truly awesome to have some delicious food that I did not have to cook, but it was even more awesome because I know it helped a local business.

I strongly encourage you all to do the same. Go out and order your favorite local foods. It is a very easy thing to do considering you will not have any cooking to do. You also will get to enjoy some of your favorite foods from your favorite places.

You do not need to do it often, but once in a while would go a long way.