By Ethan Williams ‘20

French Club was a gathering of students of all ages and skill levels to enjoy everything the French culture has to offer.

Many students joined to make French foods like French onion soup and crepes.

After they were done making and enjoying staple French foods, they moved on to some games.

They played many games but the one that stuck out to me was petanque.  Petanque is a fun game of like bowling and curling combined. The player rolled the balls towards the other balls. They scored points by rolling the balls closer to the target then the opponents.

Senior Jermey Zemgulys said, “French Club is the highlight of my week, love the people, the food, the culture, and the relaxing time. We need to get more people involved in this awesome French Club!”

Other students could not be reached for comment so we showed fellow senior Scott Halko some pictures and brought some food from the event. Halko said, “The Crepes tasted so good, best that I have ever had. I wish I would have joined French club. I think I will stop by next time.”

Everyone is welcome; you do not have to take French to partake in this afternoon full of fun!