By James Bowes ‘24

This year’s Brother Rice wrestling team made history by becoming the first team in program history to place down state. The team took 4th in state.

The wrestling team had four starting freshmen: James Lotito, Jonathan Harris, Frank Miceli, and Danny Costello.

All four freshmen qualified for the individual state tournament, with Danny Costello placing 6th. After the team qualified for the team state championship, these four young men all played a huge role.

When the team faced Mahomet Seymour on Feb. 23 down state, all four men won their matches, helping the team to make it to the semi-finals.

Freshman James Lotito said, “Making it down state and placing fourth is a huge accomplishment for our team. When we faced Mahomet Seymour, each win felt like a piece of Brother Rice history in the making.”

Freshman Jonathan Harris said, “Our first year on the team and we’re already part of history. Down state, we clinched those wins that mattered and proved ourselves on the biggest stage of team highschool wrestling.”

Freshman Danny Costello said, “Winning matches at individual state was a lot of fun, but there is just something different about winning a big match to help the team make history.”

These four freshmen played a pivotal role in the Crusader wrestling team and have made themselves a part of Brother Rice history .