By Kevin Worthy ‘24

During February’s ACT test, junior Gavin O’Connor, went into the test full of confidence. Gavin, already a very smart student, studied a lot before taking this test.

Gavin O’Connor said, “Going into the ACT, I was pretty nervous and did not want to do bad. I knew that it would not be easy but all the preparation that I put in would show.”

Taking the ACT for the first time can be nerve racking for everyone, but taking it one step at a time is all you need.

Studying can be hard sometimes, but it’s all about how you prepare. Many people prefer studying alone, but studying with someone can help.

Junior Logan Warda said, “A lot of my friends helped me study for the ACT. Many people made it seem like it was really hard. After I took it, I was really confident.”

Only a couple students have achieved the status of getting a 36 on the ACT. Junior Gavin O’Connor obtained a 36 on his ACT in February.

The last kid to get a 36 on his ACT was Mick Arundel. Mick was a 2023 graduate from Brother Rice, and he went to the University of Michigan. Mick and Gavin are very special kids from Rice.

Senior Colin Welniak said, “When I took the ACT my junior year, I did not take it as seriously as I needed to. Many colleges look at those scores and can let you in or not. My advice to incoming students is to try your best on it.”