By Connor Leibforth ‘20

On Jan. 13 the LSU Tigers played the Clemson Tigers for the college football playoff championship.

There was a lot of hype going into this championship game. First off, the Clemson Tigers are the 2019 college football playoff champions. Clemson felt good going into the game, looking to defend their title under star quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence hasn’t lost a game in college football going into this game.

Even though Clemson had an amazing undefeated season, they weren’t the favorite to win.

The LSU Tigers were the favorite to win the college football playoff championship and for good reason. The man leading the offense, Joe Burrow, is the best college quarterback of all time. Burrow has a big ego and talks the talk, but he can back it up.

Burrow broke the record this year and threw 60 touchdowns in a single season (that’s an average of 4 throwing touchdowns a game). The LSU Tigers steamrolled their opponents all season long and didn’t have any plans on changing a thing for the championship.

The start of the game was exciting with a bunch of action, but not a ton of points on the board. The score at the end of the first was all tied up 7-7.

The second quarter of the game was a little different. The LSU Tigers got into their groove and put up 21 points. This was the beginning of the end for Clemson.

The half time score of the game was 28-17, in favor of LSU. The game wasn’t out of reach yet for Clemson, but Burrow wasn’t going to make it easy for Clemson to get back into the game.

The LSU Tigers dominated for the rest of the game and the final score was 42-25. Senior Danny Bombard said, “It was a game of momentum and LSU caught their stride when they needed to. Once they get going you can’t stop them.”

This game took a little to get going scoreboard-wise, but it all showed up in the end. Senior Tommy Boyle said, “In the second quarter Joe Burrow went full-on beast mode and took over.”

Congrats to the LSU football team and as Coach O would say, “Geaux Tigers.”