By Eddie Maloney ‘24

Over spring break, 14 Brother Rice students and seven chaperones traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein for a biannual German program trip.

The trip fit flawlessly into the structure of the German curriculum. While students spend plenty of time learning about the actual language, a significant amount of time is also spent learning about German culture.

Dr. Leslie Luxem, the German teacher and organizer of the trip, said, “I aim to have my students understand all aspects of German culture just as much as the structure of the German language.”

Senior Alexander La Mantia, a fourth year student in the German program, said, “The trip was an amazing experience and chance to see first-hand all the Germanic cultures we studied the past four years.”

The itinerary included everything from visiting historic sites, like Dachau concentration camp, to cultural experiences, like Swiss Fondue Evening in a farming village.

Senior Owen McShane, another fourth year German student, said, “We dabbled in trying some cultural foods in German Club, but it was cool to actually try these foods and experience other parts of the culture in a true environment.”