By Rudy Perez ‘24

On April 10, the Brother Rice Haerther Scholars got the opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum on a field trip.

All grade levels of Haerther Scholars attended the trip, including the Haerther Scholars from Mother McAuley.

Junior Haerther Scholar Aidan Nohava said, “I thought the Morton Arboretum was a cool place to go to. It is a beautiful place where you can learn and see so many things.”

The purpose of the field trip was to educate the scholars on our environment and ways we can help save our planet.

The scholars participated in a scavenger hunt that stretched across the entire arboretum. The point of the scavenger hunt was to track down different tree species and learn a little bit about each one.

Senior Haerther Scholar Chris Daugherty said, “My favorite part of the scavenger hunt was finding three different types of evergreen trees. I was surprised to learn about the different types of evergreens there were.”

Trees and turning our communities green is a huge focus of the scholars. Last spring, three workers from the arboretum came to Brother Rice and helped the Haerther Scholars plant trees throughout the campuses of Rice and McAuley.

This is the third trip the Haerther Scholars have taken there, having done a scavenger hunt the first time they were at the Morton Arboretum in 2022.

Freshman Haerther Scholar Anthony Cartolano said, “I was super surprised to see how awesome this place looked. I had never been to the arboretum before this, so seeing all of the plants and wildlife was something I will never forget. I can’t wait to go back!”

This was the last field trip of the school year for the Haerther Scholars. They look to be able to make a return to the Morton Arboretum next school year to continue to learn about ways to make our communities more green.