By Nicolas Hall ‘24

Back in action, Brother Rice celebrated Halloween. After a few years of no costume contests, they finally brought it back. People competed in a contest to take the top spot. The students were ecstatic to wear their costumes to school.

Senior Ronan Culkin said, “It was awesome to walk around in my Scooby-Doo costume all day pretending to be him.”

Teachers also celebrated and participated in wearing costumes. Ms. Pacetti dressed up as a witch. She was one spooky witch.

Ms. Pacetti quipped, “I was being myself by dressing up as a witch.”

The faculty chose six finalists. The costumes that made the final elimination were a duck, a crayon, a nurse, a hot dog, a milk carton, and Naruto. They had crafty and fun costumes that everyone loved.

Junior finalist Aidan Nohava said, “It was awesome to be in the finals of best costumes. I thought I looked really cute in my duck costume.”

It was amusing to see Brother Rice bring back costume day. Hopefully they continue to do this. Halloween at Rice was one spooky time, and I’m sure a couple freshmen got scared by all the spooky costumes.