By Ethan WIlliams ‘20

On Sept. 27, I took a stroll into Chuck’s Southern Comfort Cafe. Chuck’s is a local “hidden gem,” with many offerings including their world famous slow-cooked BBQ with Mexican, Cajun, and South influences.

For starters, they give you great bread and I got a homemade lemonade shake up, which was amazing. I ordered a full plate of their “Sampler,” which included ribs, beef brisket, and pulled pork. It came out within 15 minutes with the best service I have ever had at a restaurant.

The flavors all blended together and it was wonderful. The BBQ was not spicy, but had enough heat to keep you satisfied. It came fresh and was not overcooked or undercooked.

I would rate Chuck’s 10/10. I even talked to the manager about setting up my graduation party here.

When I was walking out, I ended up seeing a Brother Rice senior, Kevin Connelly, who was picking up takeout. Kevin said, “I love this place, I come here all the time. When you dine in, the service is the best around. Saying this, I do really like Hog Wild too. You should do a review on Hog Wild and compare the two.”

Stay tuned! The next restaurant I will be headed to is Midlothian, Illinois based, Hog Wild.