By Danny Durkin ‘23

The 2022 Brother Rice Homecoming was a huge success!

The theme this year for the homecoming was “Hollywood.” It sure did feel like it as the night started with people walking into the school while being on the red carpet.

There were many cool things to do at homecoming. Students went to the gym and participated in the mini putting.

Senior Nick Niego said, “The mini putting area was a great idea and a blast.”

In the cafeteria there was a 360 photo and dancing stand that had a lot of people’s attention, while everyone was wearing their new Brother Rice sunglasses which they received at the dance.

While the activities were great, the food didn’t disappoint either. We had Raising Canes; it tasted great and many people loved it. It was a great idea to serve Raising Canes.

Senior Michael Bos said, “Raising Canes was great and whoever decided on it should receive an award.”

The biggest part of the night came in the main gym with the dance floor. The dance floor was rocking as always, and it really was a great time. Great music was played throughout the dance as well.

Senior Josh Sutker said, “At first the music wasn’t really engaging and a lot of people were not on the dance floor; however, more and more people slowly came to the dance floor and it became really fun.”

The Hollywood Homecoming was a huge success and sure was a memorable night.