By Luke Onoroto ‘20

Every year homecoming season is an exciting time for high schoolers. With the game, pictures, and a dance, homecoming shapes up to be an amazing time all around. One part of homecoming season I find especially entertaining every year is the pep rally.

The pep rally is always the perfect way to get everyone hyped for all of homecoming’s events, and Brother Rice blew everyone’s expectations out of the water with this year’s pep rally.

I knew Brother Rice had a surprise planned for us, but there was no way I could be ready for what was to come as I walked into the gym.

In the middle of the gym was a real-life wrestling ring.

Brother Rice brought in wrestlers to put on a show to rile us up for the homecoming game. We got to watch two full wrestling matches, with one having a Viking face off against a Crusader to get us hyped for the homecoming game against St. Laurence. The crowd of students was electrified as they watched the wrestlers duke it out in the ring. The wrestlers fought in a back and forth match until the Crusader finally took down the dirty-fighting Viking.

“I don’t think Rice could have done a better job with this year’s pep rally,” said senior Nate Cook.

Everyone left that pep rally extremely pumped up for homecoming, especially the seniors knowing it would be their last one.

While we unfortunately lost to St. Laurence for our homecoming game, I can confidently say Brother Rice knows how to put on an amazing show.