By Alex Roche ‘20

Homecoming season has arrived and everyone is excited to look their best for pictures.

This year’s pictures were held at my good friend Colin Campbell’s house. For the second year in a row, we got to take pictures with the beautiful scenery of his backyard.

Many of the seniors met here with their dates and started the homecoming night off right. “It was a great time hanging out with all of my pals. It was the last time we got to do it and we had a fun time, while looking sharp,” said senior Jim Maguire.

My mom was sad taking pictures knowing it was my last homecoming and that I am growing up faster than she wants.

My date Gabriella, a senior from Marist, said, “I had a lot of fun seeing all my Brother Rice friends and their dates all dressed up. Brother Rice really knows how to plan a fun night!”

I like to look at these pictures and remember all the good nights I had with my friends and know that there are so many more to come this year.