By Rudy Perez ‘24

The football season has already passed the halfway point, and that means homecoming is here! This year, the Crusader homecoming theme is the 90s.

Student Council President Seamus Hanley said, “We wanted to come up with something that was original. Something not a lot of people have done before.”

This year’s homecoming falls on Oct. 14, after the football team faces off against the Montini Broncos.

Junior Quinn Lyons said, “I’m looking forward to the food because I know Rice always has the best food at dances.”

Last year we had Raising Canes catering for the dance, and it was arguably the best part of the night. That, or the 360 camera in the cafeteria.

The 360 camera was a great new idea. It was a way to have kids come together, and come up with fun poses to do on the stand.

Sophomore Aidan Parochelli said, “I can’t wait to wear my red shoes and my velvet suit. I’m not going with anyone anymore, but I’m still excited to come and have fun!”

It seems like as the years go on, the more interesting the clothing gets. This year will be no exception. It should be a great night filled with great outfits and lots of dancing.