By Jacob Wizgird ‘22

Ever since the creation of BRTV and The Standard, Brother Rice has gained recognition for its outstanding student media programs. These programs have prepared students for future careers in journalism or communications after they graduate from 99th and Pulaski. 

“We have incredibly talented students here at Brother Rice, and I wanted to showcase that through our Marketing efforts” said Director of Marketing Mr. Mike Glennon ‘16. 

New programs are emerging that offer students new ways to be involved in media work. 

Two programs in specific that have recently gained popularity at Brother Rice include the Broadcast Journalism elective taught by Mr. Rob Vogt and Student Marketing Internship run by Mike Glennon. 

These programs teach students how to use the same equipment and video editing softwares used at professional levels. 

If you follow the Broadcast Journalism’s twitter account, you can catch a glimpse of “Gameday Graphics” created by students in the class. On the Brother Rice Youtube channel, you can watch the latest episode of “CrusaderCenter.”

Broadcast Journalism offers students a basic understanding of the latest editing softwares and news broadcasts. Mr. Vogt calls on students each week to produce content that is posted across Brother Rice’s student media social channels. 

Recently you may have seen gameday pictures or final score posts on the Crusader basketball team’s Twitter and Instagram feeds. Content like this is produced by the student marketing interns. 

During their internship, students with previous experience in media production create content at a professional level. They are instructed by the marketing department on how to complete these tasks. Some include making real time content at sporting events or even making videos and graphics to promote big events. 

“At Brother Rice, we have truly adapted to the content-driven world and tailored our media outlets to create relationships and experiences for our alumni, current students, future students, parents, family, and friends,” said Mr. Glennon. 

I have had the privilege to take part in this internship opportunity along with three others. As an intern, I have recorded and edited videos, learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop, and been on the sidelines to capture some of the  Crusader athletics biggest moments. 

“The students get a glimpse into the marketing world and can showcase their talents through various projects for the school. So far, it has been great, and I am very proud of the team and what they have accomplished thus far” said Glennon. 

Through these new programs, students like myself have found future careers I could have never imagined previously. Brother Rice is continuing to expand its media presence and create new opportunities.