By Danny Hughes ‘23

Why should someone take electives?

Electives are extremely important in school because electives teach students about areas of study not taught in a regular class. Having a wider variety of electives allows students to expand their interests.

The new 9-period schedule will give students more opportunities to study business, nursing, theater, and other electives. Now that Brother Rice and Mother McAuley’s schedules are almost identical, students have more options with nursing and theater classes on McAuley’s campus.

With more classes available to students, class sizes will decrease and allow students to form more personal relationships with their teachers. Fewer students per class mean fewer distractions and interruptions.

Another benefit of a 9-period schedule is that most students get at least 1 study period. A study period allows students to work on homework, ask a teacher for help, or relax until their next class.

A downside to a 9-period schedule is a longer schedule. The dismissal time has changed from 2:03 to 2:45, and students now have to start school 20 minutes earlier than years prior. First-period science classes have to start even earlier at 7:30 a.m. Nevertheless, a study hall, more class selection, and a better learning environment will be more beneficial to Brother Rice students.

Students will see even more benefits from the new schedule in years to come, and Brother Rice will be even better at preparing its students for their careers beyond high school.