By Luke Onoroto ‘20

If someone were to ask me what the best part of quarantine ending is going to be, I would definitely tell them that being free again is.

With the way quarantine is now, I feel trapped in my house and extremely limited.

Rhe past four years of high school and teenage life have been great, and the lack of responsibilities compared to college or adult life is something I definitely have not taken for granted.

Despite my appreciation for having a great past few years, I can’t help but dwell on the fact that I’m trapped for the last half of my final year before I have to go on and face the obstacles of college.

Not to say the quarantine hasn’t had its good parts, either; I have gotten much closer to my family as of recently, and I also have been playing videogames with my friends nonstop. Despite this I still am missing out on valuable time of my teenage life.

I miss hanging out with my friends every weekend, going to concerts, and just having the world be at my fingertips: all things that the Coronavirus has taken away.

That is why the first thing I will do as soon as quarantine ends is just resume my normal teenage life of taking advantage of my freedom. I need to make the best of my time when I am unrestricted by responsibilities.