By Ken Foyle ‘20

Over the past four summers, I have been caddying to make money for myself. Caddying is a great way for young kids to get outside and make some very good money.

Caddying is also a great way to stay in shape during summer.

One might think I only caddy for the money, but there’s much more to it. I miss playing cards with the other caddies before a loop and having a nice hot dog after nine holes.

The experience of caddying is a staple of my summers, so I hope that this quarantine ends before the summer is over.

This is going to be my last summer before college, too, so I want to make the most out of it by doing what I’ve been doing since 2016. Also, college can be very expensive, and I want to make sure I’ll have enough money for myself when I’m at school.

My past four summers have been very good summers because of the money I have made while caddying, and because of the friends I have made as a caddy. Not only do I get to make my own schedule as a caddy, but I also get to make tons of friends and tons of memories working at Ridge Country Club.

I especially hope that I am able to go back to work before the tournaments start up because those are the best days of the caddy season. Tournaments are the most stressful days, but also the best paying days.

Between playing cards and simply talking to other caddies on a nice summer day, there is no other place I’d want to work this summer than Ridge Country Club.

One of the things I surely did not expect to miss was work, and I was wrong about that. I look at caddying as a great way to spend my time outside during summer rather than looking at it negatively as a mandatory burden on my schedule.

I never thought I’d say this but, quarantine needs to end soon so that I can go back to work!