By Declan McGuire ‘20

As quarantine continues, it seems that it is only getting worse. With murder hornets now coming into our country and the only thing close to live sports we have is “The Last Dance,” it is almost impossible to remain positive.

But during a time like this, remaining positive and together is one of the only things we can do besides look ahead to when this is all over. One thing I look forward to doing when this is all over is golfing.

As the April showers end and golf courses open up, there really isn’t a better time than now to go golfing. Last summer I spent a good amount of my days at Fountain Hills or the Meadows with friends playing 9 or 18 holes.

With clear skies, fresh cut grass, and the sun shining down on you, it is almost impossible to find somewhere better to be than on the green.

I look forward to driving the cart around and playing music out the speaker in between holes, and cracking jokes along the way.

I’m excited to see clubs get thrown out of frustration and hearing “I’m done with this sport,” after only the first drive.

I can’t wait to be at peace and hear complete silence before I take my shot. When the day is over, I look forward to finding some place to eat, relax, and let loose.

But above all, I look forward to bonding with my friends as we play a game that we have all come to love.