By Declan McGuire ‘20

Don’t get me wrong— Zoom, Facetime, and Houseparty are all very fun and do a great job of bringing us together, but I’d be lying if I said it was better than talking with people face to face.

As someone who spends time with his family pretty regularly, quarantine has made it hard for us to do that unless it’s 6 feet apart or on a screen. One thing I can’t wait to do when this is over is see my family.

Even though every now and then they may drive you crazy, you still love them at the end of the day and would do anything for them. I would simply just like to see them and make some memories with them.

I look forward to going out to my cousin’s summer home and making s’mores over the campfire late at night as we look at the stars. I also can’t wait to get out on Lake Geneva again and drive the boat across the beautiful blue water.

I’m excited to take road trips around the country and play games in the car to kill time, and to hear someone ask, “Are we there yet?” for the millionth time.

Above all, though, I think I really just look forward to having a conversation in the car or at the kitchen table with my aunts and uncles and cousins, or to tell and listen to stories from them.

As tough as this has all been, we are all in it together, and when it does finally end, I can’t wait to see my family again.