By Dan Golon’20

While being cooped up at home, one of the most comforting thoughts is that of a far away paradise.

For me, that paradise can be found on Little Paw Paw Lake in Coloma, Mich.

I usually spend every Memorial Day up on the lake, but that has already fallen as a casualty to the Coronavirus. I dread that the Fourth of July may be the next to fall, as everything else I have been looking forward to has.

There is something about being at your cottage with your immediate and extended family that no other vacation can bring you. There is an overwhelming sense of togetherness and everybody knows the drill; we’re there to have a good time.

At the lake I watch my worries melt away in the sun, as there is never a dull moment. From sport activities, to tubing, to boat rides, to leisurely swimming, you will never find yourself looking for something fun to do.

The night life at my cottage is most likely my favorite part. Music is a passion that definitely runs in my family. I have several uncles and cousins who have mastered the acoustic guitar as well as other instruments. On certain nights, they will entertain us around the fire with their great skills as we sing along.

No exaggeration, I have spent every single Fourth of July of my life in Coloma, Michigan, on Little Paw Paw. Having that fall victim to this pandemic would be a crushing blow, especially all that’s been lost so far.

But as of now, we are still going, so it provides a ray of hope in my day-to-day life. I hope that we recover from the pandemic and the Fourth of July can help redeem the summer!