By Nick Niego ‘23

Intramural tennis has started up at Brother Rice, and the sport is expanding throughout the school.

Tennis was not always a sport people played at Brother Rice, but the program is taking steps in the right direction. Coach Vogt, a teacher at Brother Rice, is the head coach for the tennis team and has really brought the sport to a new level.

Coach Vogt said, “When I took over, we had five players in the entire program. Last season, we had 14 players on the roster, and this year we’ve had over 20 attend intramurals.”

Tennis is not the most popular sport, but a great sport that you can pick up and play for a long time.

Senior tennis player, Tyler Chronister, said, “Students should come out and play tennis because not only is it fun and competitive, but also you will make friends and, quite frankly, you won’t want to stop playing when time is up. I encourage all to come out and play; you won’t regret it.”

All grade levels at Brother Rice are allowed to try out the sport, and you do not need any past experience to play. Intramurals are voluntary and not something you need to commit yourself to full time. It is a great way to get out, get into shape, and be involved in a sport at Brother Rice.

Coach Vogt said, “Tennis is a sport you can play for your entire life. Intramurals are 100% voluntary and open to everyone, so they provide a great chance to try out the sport before our competitive season begins. On top of that, we have a great group of guys who are fun to be around.”