By Colin Condon ‘20

With many new things happening around Brother Rice this year, one of the finest new ideas is the House system.  Brother Rice implemented a new way that students interact with each other through the different Houses. Led by staff and upperclassmen, there are four new houses that meet individually twice per month.

Blessed Edmund Rice started schools for poor boys in Ireland back in 1802, so the staff decided to name each house after a place in Ireland where Edmund Rice’s first schools originated.

House Waterford is led by Coach Prunkle as the House Dean.

House Cork is headed by Coach Dunne as its House Dean.

House Dublin is run by Doc Luxem.

Saving the best for last, House Limerick’s Dean is Mr. Dolan.

Mr. Dolan seems to have become a fan of the House system and is enjoying his duties as House Dean.

Mr. Dolan said, “The House system that we have is a great way for students to get to know each other. Most of the time, kids want to do things with their friends, but with House meetings every month, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen all get to know each other in their House.”

Mr. Dolan, a track coach, knows the importance of leadership and likes the idea of student leadership, “The students are taught how to lead and what leadership means. Also, kids learn about servant leadership, where if kids see one person leading a service, others will follow his lead.”

There really isn’t anything similar to the house system at Brother Rice’s neighboring schools. Mr. Dolan said our very own seniors came up with the idea.

“Talks about implementing a system like this began when three seniors – Joseph Sullivan, Ken Foyle, and Owen Greybill – went to the ACTION Leadership Conference over the summer. These seniors met with three other schools that did something like this at their schools and wanted to start a smaller community inside a larger community at Brother Rice.”

“So far, things are running smoothly, but there’s always room for improvement. Our next full meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 22, about servant leadership.” says Mr. Dolan.

Student leaders are a focal point of the House system this year.

“The student leaders of our house are Alex McFarlane as chieftain, Joseph Sullivan as the House historian, Sean Joyce as the chaplain and Colin Condon as House journalist,” Mr Dolan said. “Our senior mentor group leaders are Kevin Plumb, Sean Corbett and Malachi Dameron. The junior mentor group leaders are Louie Conn, Nemiah Ray, Eddie Burke, and Edgar Garcia.”

Along with monthly House meetings, Houses will have fun throughout the year.

“There will be a 3v3 basketball tournament coming up, other houses will be invited also. We are hosting a prayer service led by senior Chaplain Sean Joyce!” exclaimed Mr. Dolan

Sean Corbett, fellow Crusader and senior mentor group leader is a fan of the new system, as well.

Sean says, “Personally, I like the idea of it. Freshmen and seniors being able to interact during meetings and hallways now just seems like a good idea that I wish I was able to have four years ago.”

As a mentor leader, Sean is responsible for tasks in the house.

“I am responsible for leading group discussions during house meetings and making sure everyone in my group is staying on the right path.”

A leadership role in anything is not an easy job. Some people really like having that responsibility, while others fold under the pressure.

“I love it,” said Sean. “I feel like being involved in sports and in the classroom have made me someone that younger people can look up to. Also, I like being able to help younger kids out with their problems or schoolwork.”

The House system at Rice is becoming a favorite around the school. Students have been interacting with one another more than ever and the community at Brother Rice has become more tight-knit than in years past.