By Tommy Scott ‘24

During the Thanksgiving matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, Jack Harlow arguably gave the worst halftime performance ever. His performance looks even worse than it already did when seen next to Dolly Parton’s.

Junior Pat Hermanson said, “Jack Harlow should’ve been more like Dolly.”

The performance lasted six minutes, and nearly all who saw it said it was underwhelming. To put how underwhelming the performance was into perspective, the stage didn’t take up half the field in length. It seemed they laid a tarp on the field, gave Harlow the microphone, and told him to play. This led many to call the show low budget.

When Harlow’s performance is put up next to Dolly Parton’s extravagant show, it doesn’t compare. Dolly played during the Dallas Cowboys game at halftime, and everyone who saw it loved the show. She had a massive stage with lights everywhere. She really put on a show.

Senior Jayson Polickey said, “Parton’s show was much more impressive than Harlow’s. It’s easy to tell when something is well thought out, and Harlow’s performance was not.”

During Harlow’s performance, it was easy to tell the show catered to the audience at home, leading to fans at the stadium felt neglected. If the NFL doesn’t want to lose revenue at the stadiums, they need to start considering both audiences.