By Brendan Arnold ‘23

Everyone in the Brother Rice community knows about the man who did it. Top ranked in his class, Tony Lawless Award winner, first team all state, 3rd place state finishers, and much more. Jack Lausch ‘22 was given the chance to achieve his dream. He was granted a scholarship to play football at Northwestern. Lausch´s time at Rice has left a big impact on the school, from the legacy he left on the teams he played for to the way he set the standard in the classroom.

Lausch was a two-time voted captain of the varsity football team at Brother Rice. He led his team to a semi-final run in the 2021 season, and a huge win over a very highly ranked Mount Carmel team in 2020. Jack was awarded all conference both his junior and senior year on the football team. He was named Tony Lawless award winner in the CCL. Jack left big shoes to fill for Brother Rice quarterbacks to follow.

Jack understood that going into Northwestern nothing would be given. He would have to earn the job over kids who have been there for a year or more. Jack ended the year as 5th on the depth chart; however, he did not let this define him. Jack began to work more and more all the way up the depth chart until he reached number two. With one game left to play against Illinois, he knew this could be his chance.

Jack’s teammate from high school Henry Boyer ’22 was on the Illinois team Lausch would be playing. Unfortunately, Boyer was not on the travel squad that weekend but still decided to support a friend. Jack said he was very prepared during practice that week.

“You never know when your number will be called so you always have to prepare,” said Northwestern quarterback Jack Lausch.

With a few minutes left in the third quarter, Lausch got his collegiate shot. The crowd went nuts; (well, at least my section did). The baseball kids and I jumped up and down as we saw number 12 run on the field.

Lausch said, “When they told me I was going in, I was just excited. I was excited to go out there and make a play, and have some fun.”

Lausch drove the Wildcats down the field allowing them to put up their first points of the game. “It felt great to complete that first pass. I really got settled in after that.” Jack ended his first game played with 4/8 passing, with 50% completion.

When the game concluded, Jack could not have been any happier. A dream really came true.

Lausch said, “After playing in my first D1 game, it was really cool to just make a dream come true. I have always wanted to play college football and to be able to do that was awesome. I am really excited for the future.”

Jack, a kid who grew up in the south side of Chicago, was finally living out his dream. Lausch will return back to Northwestern with four more years of eligibility, hoping for more opportunities like this. Jack is a real life hometown hero.

Photo Source: Harry Figiel Photos