By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Shaun Jacob was a Brother Rice alumnus. He loved Brother Rice and was a great example of an exceptional Crusader. Shaun created a great environment for everyone around him. Everyone knew he was special.

Shaun played basketball at Brother Rice and loved the sport. He continued to play basketball at St. Ambrose University. He was a great team player. Everyone respected him and loved him as a teammate.

The Jacob scholarship is given to people who are tremendous students. You have to be an exceptional crusader and have to “Act Manfully in Christ Jesus.” It is a great honor to receive the Shaun Jacob scholarship.

The scholarship is given to students who they believe will follow Shaun’s example and give 100 % in all they do.

Senior Mike DeMatteo said, “It is an honor to be named a scholar after Shaun Jacob because of what he represented and who he was as a person.”

Mike is very deserving of this award and is extremely humble to receive the Jacob scholarship.

Senior Cale Cosme said, “It means a lot being awarded the scholarship. Being one of the first scholars of the Shaun Jacob Scholarship is extremely incredible.”

Cale deserves this award and he accepts it with humility.

Mike and Cale are perfect representations of Shaun Jacob. They are excellent Crusaders and they show their Rice pride every day.

Mr. O’Connell, who facilitates the scholarship, said, “Shaun Jacob was an excellent Crusader. It is very special to be a part of this scholarship to honor people like Shaun.”