By Nicolas Hall ‘24

After 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, center Jason Kelce announced his retirement from the NFL on March 4. Kelce was very likable and loved by all of his teammates.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts said, “He’s a legend in this city. …He knows how much I love and appreciate him.”

On the field, he was a great leader and one of the captains of the Eagles. Kelce knew how to be a team player from the get go. He was drafted in 2011 and was a first year starter.

Senior Dominic Pettenon said, “He is an important part of the game. He was one of the best centers in the game, and he was a very likable teammate. The league and his team will miss him.”

Off the field, Kelce was a huge role model to many. Kelce really showed his personality throughout his career, like dressing in a crazy outfit for the Eagle’s Super Bowl parade, creating non-profit organizations like the (Be)Philly Foundation, and making Christmas carol albums with his lineman to raise money.

Senior Charlie Boyer said, “It is definitely a bittersweet moment. He is definitely one of the best at his position, and the game will miss him. I respect and love everything he did on and off the field.”

Unfortunately, his last season ended in a tragedy from the Eagles going 10-1 at the start, to ending the season 11-6. Although Kelce’s last season didn’t end in another Super Bowl, he will still go down as one the best centers of all time. He will no doubt enter the Hall of Fame.

Kelce is a legend among the NFL community. He will always be remembered for his great personality and athletic career.