By Phill Cipriani ‘24

On Nov. 3, the junior class of Brother Rice participated in the annual Junior Leadership Ceremony. This is a yearly occurrence where the junior class is recognized and also receives their class rings.

Junior Ryne Shields said, “I felt a sense of accomplishment when I received the ring, and it was nice to have my parents there to support me.”

Brother Rice welcomes the parents and families of the juniors to come and watch them receive this important part of the Brother Rice experience. Also, the families enjoyed a nice lunch after the ceremony provided by Brother Rice.

Junior Patrick Hermanson said, “It was great to finally get the ring.”

Getting the junior class ring is a very important part of the Brother Rice experience because the students will have this for the rest of their lives.

There were comments by senior Julian Gamboa who won the Junior of the Year award. This is a Brother Rice tradition when the Junior of the Year speaks to the current Juniors about his time at Brother Rice.

Junior Thor Hock said, “Gamboa’s speech was the best part of the ceremony.”

The ceremony was a success and was a great time for all of our junior class and for their families.